Meet the Crew

Barton Decker

Barton loved surfing ever since he first tried it in his early teens. Barton kept his love of the water and learned to windsurf in the 70’s and kiteboard in the 90’s. Learning at the infancy of both sports gave him a deep appreciation for the sport and how far it has evolved today. Day to day Barton manages the store and teaches windsurfing and kiteboarding lessons to the next generation of wind sport fanatics. Barton still gets on the water and kites and surfs whenever he can!

  • Owner and Manager of HISS
  • 20+ Years Windsurfing Instructor
  • 10 + Years Kiteboarding Instructor
  • Head of Retail Sales



Reider Decker

Barton passed on his knowledge and taught Reider how to kiteboard and surf at a young age. Over the years Reider began to hone his skills towards to wave kiting and strapless freestyle. Since last year Reider is now an international rider for Airush Kiteboarding. When he is not working the shop or teaching lessons, he is in the water practicing strapless freestyle and wave riding every chance he gets. He loves teaching people almost as much as he loves kiteboarding it self! After years of riding for Airush Kiteboarding, Reider knows almost everything there is to know about the Airush product line. Check out some of his riding on the video below.

  • 8 Years Kiteboarding Instructor
  • 5 Years Surfing Instructor
  • International Airush Team Rider
  • Sail Shop Floor Manager



Lindsy Blazej

Lindsy has a deep love for Hatteras, yoga, the water, and living a healthy lifestyle. Lindsy grew up in Maine and fell in love with boats and the water at a young age. When her and her boyfriend Jay Bonneville are not living in and manage the original Hatteras Island Surf Shop, they are venturing the coast and the open ocean on their boat. Lindsy’s artistic and organizational touch keeps the Surf Shop running while still maintaining  its classic retro feel. She is also pursuing her passion as a health coach to help people live happier and healthier lives! Check out more about her health coaching at !

  • Hatteras Island Surf Shop Manager
  • Experienced Boat Hand
  • Certified Health Coach


Jay Bonneville

Jay has more style on a surfboard then anyone we have ever seen, whether it is from hanging 5 on his waterlogged 9’2 or shooting out of dredging barrels on his 5’10 twin fin he shaped himself. Jay is someone who has mastered the art of reading a wave. He takes that knowledge and puts it into his surf lessons better then anyone we have ever seen.  Growing up in Virginia Beach, Hatteras was just a short drive away and he took every chance he could get to come down.  Jay and Lindsy spend time living on their full size boat in the off season and sail their Flying Scott or  their 14foot Hobbie in the sound or the Ocean during the Spring and Summer.

  • 10+ Years Surfing Instructor
  • Master surfer of anything on the water
  • Experienced Deck Hand